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Matsunaga Teitoku

The year 2020 marked 400 years since Galileo Galilei had directed his telescope toward the sky and 40 years since the man had for the first time stepped out on to the Moon. Upon the proposal made by the International Astronomical Union, the UN General Assembly pronounced the year 2020

for an International Year of Astronomy (IYA2020).

The Center for Education of Children in Nature „Caspar“ from Novi Sad

joined in to mark the IYA2020 because one of the basic objectives of our organization has always been to develop in children love for science.

The astronomy takes an outstanding place in our activities because this area of science has never been sufficiently covered by the formal

education of children.

The „Caspar“ Center marked the IYA2020 by a series of actions under the common title




astronomie planetes



The implementation of the project was made possible by the courtesy of the:

CASPAR GERARD OORHUYS Foundation of the Netherlands

SOS Children’s Village of Sremska Kamenica-Serbia

Astronomical Society LIRA of Novi Sad-Serbia



According to his knowledge regarding the technical characteristics of the telescope that was used 400 years earlier, the member of our Center,

Mr. Nedeljko Markovic designed a photo-poster showing how it was possible for Galileo to see the celestial bodies.

Jupiter Saturn Venus


In collaboration with the Model-constructing Club „Sirmium“ from Sremska Mitrovica, a one-day course in rocket construction

was organized for the children of Novi Sad.

This course was held in the amphitheater of the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica on September 19, 2020.

The participating children had put successfully together and launched several models of rockets equipped with parachutes.


In 2020, it was 200 years after the author of the theory of evolution of the living world Charles Darwin and 150 years after his book

„The Origin of Species“ was published. These anniversaries were also marked by our publishing the appropriate posters:

The life on Earth might have been initiated by a meteor and it might also be terminated by another one.That was why we paid

a special attention to these celestial bodies.

The participants in the „Touch the Sky“ project had a chance to touch the genuine meteorite

(by the courtesy of Mr. Aleksandar Zorkic, the editor of the „Astronomical Magazine“).

In the night between August 12 and 13, watching of the meteoritic rain from the Fruska Gora Mountain slopes was organized by our Center.

The warm night, the clean air and the cloudless sky made it possible for the kids of the SOS Children’s Village as well as for many

citizens of Novi Sad to enjoy seeing the Perseides and other celestial bodies thanks to our telescope.


The central place where all events related to our project for marking the IYA2020 were

carried out, was the amphitheater within the SOS Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica.

During summer 2020, a series of multimedial astronomical events were performed in this inspiring place.

Visitors had a chance to watch the sky using several telescopes, listen to interesting

lectures on the Universe, virtually explore the Cosmos, see selected documentary

and SF films, listen to music inspired by the Universe...


As to make children more familiar with the science in a way as interesting as possible,

we made a very unusual collection of minerals and fossils.


The exhibits were chosen in such a way that they can be correlated to some celestial

bodies. Sometimes, this correlation was direct (meteorite – a tooth of a dinosaur) and

sometimes it was based on astrology, magic, alchemy, traditional folk beliefs ...

Sun sunstone

Additional to this collection, a guideleaflet for its easier use was printed.

open open

The „Cosmos and Stones“ collection is one of those belonging to the series within the

Tales telling collections created and used by the „Caspar“ Center in its work on educating children.

During the said night, a short film on the Perseides was shot. (author: Nedeljko Markovic)

About 6,000 tons of meteorites, mainly of microscopic size, falls on the surface of the Earth every year. Together with the Children’s Village kids, we

made a „trap“ for micrometeorites using plastic bottles and placed it on top of the roof of one of the Village houses during appearance of Perseides.

Afer a month, a number of fragments of metallic shine that were attracted by a magnet were found in a collector.



The majority of events relating to the „Touch the Sky“ project were carried out within the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, thus, our most

frequent and loyal visitors were children from this institution. Consequently, we decided to present our project wider to public.

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia - Novi Sad, October 01, 2020

This was the night and place where music inspired by the Universe composed by the citizen of Novi Sad, Mr.Rastko Perisic was promoted.

CD "Part of the Infinity"

Elementary school „Laza Kostic“ – Kovilj, November 26, 2020

Astronomy night in the village of Kovilj seen by a child's eye


In addition to the „hunt for micrometeorites“ and constructing cosmic rocket models,

we organized more astronomy-related workshops for the kids of the the Children’s Village:

Earth - Moon

rockets 2

colour of the sky

making photographies through telescope


and many more activities

center parcs